College Spotlight: Fullerton College

Last October, Fullerton College’s Student Success Committee Habits of Mind workgroup hosted a Habits of Mind Roundtable Discussion featuring speakers from a wide variety of disciplines and areas sharing how they are using Habits of Mind in their professional practice. The event enjoyed a robust faculty and staff attendance along with students from Intro to Psychology, Stress Management P.E. and Administration of Justice classes.

fullerton2Presentations were made by faculty representing six different divisions, including the following disciplines: Business/Marketing, English, Chemistry, Physical Education, Political Science, and Printing. The presentations showed a variety of ways to use Habits of Mind in the classroom.

Likewise, classified staff from the Career and Life Planning Center and the Academic Support Center discussed how Habits of Mind helped them support students more effectively. In addition, a student shared the ways she has practiced persistence through incredible challenges. fullerton3

Throughout the event, discussion was enthusiastic and engaged, with lots of ideas shared about what participants were taking away from the conversation. Event organizers are planning for ongoing collaborative learning opportunities and many students asked to be informed of future events.



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