Habits of Mind @3CSN

Habits of Mind Logo3CSN’s Habits of Mind (HoM) Project provides professional learning opportunities and resources for building students’ academic dispositions and attitudes.  Numerous workshops have been held throughout the state to introduce faculty to 3CSN’s HoM framework.

Momentum around the Habits of Mind Project has exploded since its inception spring, 2012.  Beginning with 60 educators showing interest in the Habits at LINKS V, there are now more than 400 educators, from at least 75 colleges, who have participated in professional learning provided by the project.   Through these activities practitioners have been challenged to develop “mindful” practices to influence students’ expectations and values and build intellectual habits of mind.

To accommodate the wide range of interest in Habits of Mind, 3CSN began offering online professional learning modules grounded in a faculty inquiry approach.  Within the modules, participants collect student accounts and perspectives as the basis for gaining first-hand understanding of habits of mind. They also explore improvement strategies/routines to “try out” for their ongoing professional practice.

  • During 2012-13 four modules were offered (Self-knowledge and Self-assessment; Goal setting; Responsibility and Self-efficacy; and Time Management).  Nearly 200 educators from 36 different colleges registered for the modules.
  • Beginning in 2013-14 modules will be offered for Questioning and Problem-posing and Persisting.  In addition, an Introduction to Habits of Mind module will be offered.
  • It is expected that modules will be developed and offered for each of the Habits in the framework over the coming years and that colleges will be able to use them as options for flex credit.

In addition to the online modules, several of 3CSN’s BSILI campus teams are working on leadership development activities related to Habits of Mind.  To date, a total of 20 campus teams have brought various aspects of Habits of Mind to their campus communities.  Most recently, to extend the learning opportunities available throughout the state, 3CSN is supporting BSILI campus teams in establishing Professional Learning Hubs to integrate Habits of Mind (and Reading Apprenticeship strategies) into content courses, Learning Assistance and college-wide practices.